Saturday, August 16, 2014

7 Deadly Sins of New Managers

Until machines take over every piece of work, we will need people to perform tasks. And as long as people are employed, business will need managers. Here are 7 terrible mistake which managers must avoid.

Though these lessons are more applicable for new managers, I have observed even tenured managers making these mistakes. Once again, without claiming to be an expert, this is my inference basis 10+ years of management experience.

1. Don’t get confused between who you are with what you do – Don’t play God. While decision making is part of your job, don’t decide fates of people.

2. Not everything in life that counts can be counted – While every business must deliver profitability but remember that you are working with people, not machines. Next time, try doing a “heart count” instead of “head count”.

3. Don’t pretend – People are smart enough to spot the difference. Pretending to care or to listen is worse than not doing it.

4. You don’t have to be wrong for others to be right – There will be times when people with less experience will have better answers than you, that don’t mean you are wrong. Accept it. 

5. You don’t have to solve everything – Give them a chance. Remember; not everyone can be a leader but great leader can come from anywhere. Someone gave you the chance, you should have faith too. 

6. Don’t appear stressed - Just like smile, stress is contagious. It will spread to your team, if you carry it. Team looks up to you, be calm.

7. They don’t work for you – Your team works with you, not for you. Performance is best when people want to do something. Participation will only come when they see you as part of the group.

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